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Temporary Riparian Zone
Cristina Cochior and Angeliki Diakrousi

Hello everyone,

We are Cristina and Angeliki. We participate together in the exhibition with the work Temporary Riparian Zone. We would like to share information about our contribution.

Temporary Riparian Zone is an interface of exploring ways of "streaming" to each other, both through text (via the collaborative editor Etherpad), or through audio (via the streaming audio/video server Icecast) through forms of online live-ness and simultaneous participation that manifested through listening, waiting and responding. It was first made for a workshop that we held on the 23rd of July 2020 as part of the 2020 Hackers and Designers summer school. The workshop happened remotely, while Angeliki was in Kefalonia, Cristina in Rotterdam and the rest of the participants were in different locations and timezones. You can still see, read and hear the traces from this workshop on the interface. We started by listening to a pre-recorded audio file next to the word ENTER at the top of the bottom half of the page.

A stream is a body of water with surface water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel. From this visual we imagined the different ways of moving information down a channel that the pad and the icecast server might have. We used the pad in the top half of the screen to write the content together that we transmitted live over a series of broadcast channels co-existing in the live composition interface on the bottom half of the screen. In the last 20 minutes of the workshop we performed and listened to each other. You can listen back to some of the recordings through this interface, they are highlighted in green.

Thank you for inviting us to the list and we are looking forward to the discussions and questions that will come.


Angeliki & Cristina

Temporary Riparian Zone: Etherpad and Portal. Best viewed on desktop. Press play below to listen ↓