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Dear Empyre list,

Welcome to the November program on -empyre-. This month features artists’ platforms, workshops and projects that explore intersections between networked collaboration, distributed storytelling and digital community building. Discussion on the list will revolve around an online exhibition, programmed specially for this month’s topic on -empyre-.

Works in the program experiment with new rhythms and topologies of writing, talking, listening, feeling and being together in networked environments. Works often build visual, textual or sound-based narratives through the gradual accumulation of contributions from a distributed network of participants. These projects take a broad view of networks, spanning spaces such as the digital, analog, public, private, human, non-human and geological.

At this moment of lock-down, new forms distributed community and collaboration are not only speculative, but urgently necessary. Importantly, works in the program use DIY and DIT (do it together) tool building, outside of the domain of big-tech and surveillance capitalism. They prioritize data-privacy, open source resources, security and autonomy from big-data.

Artists and projects will include:

- Cristina Cochior and Angeliki Diakrousi - Temporary Riparian Zone: A project that takes the hydrological definition of a stream—a body of water flowing within the bed and banks of a channel—as a starting point for thinking about flows of information in peer-to-peer audio streaming and collective writing.

- Oscar Alfonso, Simon Fuh, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Sophia Oppel, Benjamin de Boer, Rowan Lynch, Sameen Mahboubi and Philip Leonard Ocampo - View Recent Changes: A collaboratively-produced, wiki-style assemblage of text, images and stories that considers the ways in which the human, digital, linguistic, machinic, vegetal and animal correlate.

- Lee Tusman, a virtual DIY artspace in the tradition of warehouse art spaces and alternative venues.

- Char Stiles, Email: An exploration into the poetic potential of the anonymized, ritualized email list

- Maximillian Goldfarb, Reports: An ongoing series of texts published on on a scrolling LED sign at Incident Reports, Hudson, NY: poetry, notation, transcription, manifesto, public address, inventories, recipes, missives, code, prayer, and more.

More projects TBA during the month.

Till soon,